Lazy Conversation

It’s one of those encounters
That steals all the air
When it is decided to find
What’s important here

I said “are we ready for a lazy conversation”
Can we speak something true?
You said “I love to have Lazy conversations”
Say something true

Then some other night
You shouted something loud
you said “I’m proud against the crowd”
I said me too

I said “we’re having a lazy conversation”
Your smile said “I know you”
You said “I Love to have lazy conversations”
Even when they’re true
So stay true

And now it’s much later
Our days are later
You said “I think we will be alright”
Then said “Goodnight”

I said “I Love to have lazy conversations”
with you”
You said “We can have lazy conversations
And still stay true”
And still stay true