Take that place off the list

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Love Hill

Love Hill

Love Hill Verse 1 We let go of fear to some God’s care We trust reasons we find in skies filled with stars Chorus Where do you feel safe? Where do you feel clear? Where do you feel unaware of self? Where do you feel free? Verse 2 We fight or runaway down worn paths […] Read more…
Don’t look Down

Don’t look Down

They send you in with only your fists knowing that they have clubs when you come out bloodied and bruised They’ll ask you to explain your wounds But you know there’s a thousand people Who can take your place If you fall from grace so you buy a thousand faces And you store them in […] Read more…


Tuesday La, la, la, La, la, la, It’s Tuesday La, la, la, La, la, la, It’s Tuesday Open up the Drapes Watch **Theia’s Children play shining light on a beautiful Tuesday Wait for the phone to ring because I know I’ll hear you sing Wake-up It’s Tuesday La, la, la, La, la, la, It’s Tuesday […] Read more…
The Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls

as he walked down the street people stared down at their feet they were unaware of his land of the devout And how he prays everyday to end the revolt He closes the door to his room Now he’s far away on Abbiennia’s Moon And with all the anger he can feel he writes another […] Read more…

Woe-Begotten Songs

When she thinks of him
 And the things he would do
 She gets confused
 About her repute And now they’re apart
 By a thousand miles
 She’s losing the lineament
 Of his smile But she holds on strong
 To how he would long
 And she writes it all down
 In her woe-begotten songs When he thinks […] Read more…


Did you sail as a ghost over green pasture dew through the mist on the hill on the breeze over my windowsill To interrupt my dream with words quaint serene ripples on the water arise the pure blue reflection of your eyes I’ll leave my window open to my dreams tonight Read more…

Man Who Was All Used Up

They’re tap, tap, tapping at the door they came to hear what you saw So, clean that puddle up off the floor and answer the door They’re here to shake the hand of the man who’s is all used up who’s is all used up They’re here to shake the hand of the man who’s […] Read more…
Zurich (Ideas)

Zurich (Ideas)

The tower clock in Zurich shows 9 AM I’m walking through Altstadt stained cathedral lights on my back I spent all day at the Kunsthaus Lost in time long gone – this insanity in oil and down the street the trains are running I’m heading north to Bonn Train crossing the Rhine Nothing here is […] Read more…

Walk Away

Let your mind wash away the day Let the day just pass away Gather all the things people throw away Start tomorrow you can wake up and pray I’ll never walk away Why don’t you tell me why you smile let’s reason about that a while With a line we’ll push away the pain you […] Read more…
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